Where is the Zulfiqar Sword?

zulfiqar sword

Zulfiqar Sword

One of the four great caliphs, Imam Ali’s sword is Zulfiqar. It has a very different structure with an appearance resembling a 2-headed points. The reason why it has a fork-shaped double structure was to squeeze the sword of the incoming enemy with the fork-shaped part, allowing the enemy to take his weapon from his hand. Of course, the accuracy of this is unknown.  As you know, the sword is known as the sword of Imam Ali.  Ali is one of the 4 Caliphs. He is also the son-in-law and cousin of our Prophet. The Zulfiqar sword has come from the time of the Prophets until today.

What is the size of Zulfiqar Sword ?

According to a rumor, Zulfikar sword was 3 meters long and weighed 105 kilograms, and it was very sharp. Zulfikar, who is also known as the symbol of truth, justice and right and looked so beautiful that eyes were always on it. According to Bektash belief, the wooden sword given by our Prophet was also a trainer, just like the Zulfiqar sword. With this wooden sword, he would discipline those who did not follow the right path and those who sinned. This sword, which provides justice, was also considered a symbol of resolving disputes peacefully without causing more harm to the other side than in return.

Where is Zulfiqar Sword ?

There are various rumors about the giving of the Zulfikar sword to Imam Ali. Some of these rumors are as follows;

Zulfiqar sword, who was hanged in heaven by Gabriel, is sent down to earth to be given to Imam Ali, and that night, the Prophet invites Ali to the house and gives this sword to Ali with its sheath. He gives the good news to Imam Ali that this sword is a gift from Allah. During the war, Imam Ali received blows on his face and arms many times, and when the enemies came upon the Prophet, the Prophet asked for help. Thereupon, Ali fought the enemies and defended Prophet Muhammad, and even though he received 70 blows to his body, he fought until his last breath and killed 9 enemy soldiers. At the same time, for this reason, Gabriel said, “There is no sharp sword than Zulfikar, there is no brave hero than Ali” In addition,  Imam Ali Sword has been lost to history for centuries and despite all the searches, the truth has still not been found today.


What is the price of Zulfiqar Sword ?


Generally, the workmanship of the manufacturer and the craftsmanship play an important role in the prices of Zulfikar swords. Prices vary accordingly. Our Zulfiqar sword models usually have 2 lengths, 60 cm and 90 cm, and each of these models is specially handmade. In addition, our swords, which are made using carbon steel mixtures, are extremely durable and there is no question of bending or breaking. As a result, our Zulfikar models are both affordable and very satisfying in terms of quality.

What does the Zulfiqar sword represent?

Many of us wonder about the meaning of the inscription on Ali’s sword, Zulfiqar. However, although there are various rumors so far, it is not known exactly what he wrote. On many Zulfikar swords in Iran, “La fetâ illâ Ali, La seyfe illa Zülfikar” is written. The Turkish equivalent of this is; “There is no Strong Yigit than Ali, no sharp sword from Zulfikar.” means. In addition, this article is written on our Zulfiqar swords in the same way.


What is the meaning of the Zulfiqar?


The word Zulfikar was first named ‘Zulfeqar’ with the combination of the word ‘zu’ and ‘feqar’ meaning backbone.


Today it is known as ‘Zulfiqar’. Since the Zulfiqar sword is different from other swords, there is no other similar in the world.


Zulfiqar for Sale


We manufacture our swords from carbon steel. In the handle part, we use the root part of the walnut wod. The Zulfikar sword is one piece. The handle is mounted on steel, giving the sword extra durability. In this way, the breaking point has been strengthened. The sword is 90 cm in size. Its weight is 1360 grams.We send the Zülfikar sword in a special velvet box. We send it with the stand that you will use to display it in the box.


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