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Damascus Swords

Damascus Yatagan Sword

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Damascus Swords

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Damascus Swords

Damascus Sword

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Damascus Swords

Damascus Kilij Sword

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Steel is one of the metals that has many types, both in quality and in the way of production. Since it is alloyed with other elements, steel has many different qualities and uses. One of the most widely used steel types in history is damascus steel. "Damascus" is actually the name given to a production method. In the Damascus method, two steel plates are welded together. A two-layer steel plate is formed. This plate is heat treated and forged. It is then folded again and beaten again by heating. This process continues 4-5 times. During this process, water is also added to the steel. Even if the steel was called Damascus, the steel would not have been produced in Damascus, the capital of Syria. This steel was mined from mines in India or Sri Lanka. It was processed with special methods specific to those regions and sent to the Damascus region in the form of ready-to-forge iron ingots.

Damascus Steel appeared in the 6th century. It was one of the most used types of steel until the 15th century. The reason why this steel was used so much was that it was hard, flexible and durable. Due to these properties of steel, it was common to use it in sword production at that time. Swords had to be both durable and tough. In addition, the swords had to be flexible so that they would not break immediately when subjected to hard blows. Damascus Steel was especially important for the sharp side of the sword. Because the sharp side was both very thin and very durable, it was the warrior's greatest strength.

How to make Damascus Sword

Damascus sword, as the name suggests, is a type of sword produced from damascus steel. These swords are more flexible and durable than many swords. Damascus swords have been used by many developed civilizations throughout history,, although they have different designs.

The production and use of firearms was not very common before the industrial revolution. Sword is  one of the most important war tools of armies. Battle tools apart from swords were spears and arrows.

However, the vast majority of soldiers in armies used swords. The sword was a kind of melee weapon and was used in close proximity to the enemy. The warrior had to be very good at using a sword, and the sword he used had to be more durable and useful than the enemy's because he was very close to his enemy.

We have mentioned in the previous sections of our article that swords were used especially before the industrial revolution. Damascus Swords were produced entirely by hand, like many other tools because the production and use of machines was not very common in this period. No fabrication process was used in the manufacture of the Damascus sword. Therefore, producing a sword was not an easy job.

Damascus Sword 

Although Swordbuy.com produces especially Turkish swords and Islamic swords, it also produces other valuable swords in the world. Damascus swords were used in different states. One of these states was the Ottoman Empire. That's why Damascus Sword are among Turkish swords. However, there were also states that produced and used the damascus sword in different parts of the world. However, the Damascus swords produced by each country by giving different shapes to the damascus steel had different designs. The Damascus sword you see on our site is an Ottoman sword designed according to the information learned from reliable sources.

How Can I Order Damascus Sword?

Swordbuy.com is a company that sells the swords it produces all over the world. To order the Damascus Sword, click the product you will buy from the products on this page. Then click the "Add to Cart" button on the product page that opens. Finally, type your address  and make your payment. Do not hesitate to pay by credit card on our site. Because our site is secured by Rapid SSL. We do not see your credit card information and it is not stored on the system.

If you do not want to pay by credit card, you can also make your payment via interbank money transfer. All you need for this method is our accounts information. You can easily get our account information from our customer support service via Whatsapp.

Our Whatsapp customer support service is always ready to help you, not only before shopping, but also after your product reaches you.

Damascus Sword Prices

Like any other product made from any raw material, the main determinant of the prices of Damascus swords is raw material prices. Other factors that affect the Damascus Swords Prices are workers’salary, workshop rent, invoices and advertising expenses.

If you want to add a damascus sword to your collection, remember that swordbuy.com is one of the best sellers to buy it.

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