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Selim Sword

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Ertugrul Swords

Osman Sword

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Ottoman Sword Faith

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Ottoman Swords

Scimitar Sword

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Damascus Kilij Sword

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Ottoman Swords

Ottoman Sword Set

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Ottoman Sword

Turkish society and Ottoman sultans have always given importance to the quality of war equipment. they brought the best swordsmen and the best blacksmiths and allocated a large budget for sword making. they have always been pioneers in making the best swords from the best materials and best steel. Ottoman Sword have won victories on the battlefield thanks to the highest quality steels and solid craftsmanship. Ottoman sultans and Turkish heroes left their mark on history by using these quality swords in epic wars, and these epic war stories continue to be told even today. We continue to produce Ottoman Sword with quality steel and the best craftmanship by continuing this tradition. We present the swords that we produce with traditional methods, which we preserve their cultural characteristics, to the appreciation of people around the world. As SwordBuy brand we also produce Islamic swords and swords from famous movies.

Ottoman Swords

If you have a little interest in history, you have some knowledge about the Ottoman Empire. Being one of the most powerful states in world history, the Ottoman state was much more advanced than the states of its time in terms of both martial arts and war tools. The Ottoman state had skilful people in the production and use of all kinds of war equipment. One of these tools was swords. Ottoman Sword were among the most popular and advanced tools for close combat of their time.

Soldiers in the Ottoman army had superior skills in using Ottoman swords. The Ottoman army had different units within itself. Archers, cavalry and janissaries were just a few of these units. Janissaries used Ottoman swords most commonly.

Ottoman Swords have changed over time to catch up with the changes and developments of the period. In addition, sultans, viziers and army commanders preferred to use private swords which are different from  the soldiers.

Today, people are interested in Ottoman swords from all over the world. This interest has increased more in recent years. Because TV series about Turkish history broadcast on Turkish television channels have attracted people's attention and got their appreciation. People buy Ottoman swords for their own collections or as gifts to their friends and relatives.

Ottoman Swords are still produced today. Ottoman swords are usually produced in Deniz, Turkey. There are hundreds of skilled swordsmen in this region. The grandparents of many of these swordsmen were swordsmen during the Ottoman state. Yatağan in Denizli was the production center of Ottoman swords during the Ottoman Empire. The swords produced in this region were very durable and flexible. Also, these swords were easier to wield than other swords. Today, Ottoman swords are still produced in this region. The quality of the swords of the Ottoman period continues today, as the swordsmen learned this profession from their grandfathers.

Which Ottoman swords does Swordbuy.com sell? In the next part of our article, let's give brief information about the types of Ottoman swords.

Ottoman Sword for Sale

Osman Bey is the founder of the Ottoman state. The biggest dream of his father, Ertugrul Bey, was to establish a strong Turkish state in the region they were in. Throughout his life, he aimed to establish a Turkish state around Blecik in today's Turkey. He fought for this both politically and militarily. But he died before he could establish a state. Osman Bey came to power after Ertugrul. Osman Bey, adding a few more to the preparations made by his father, established the Ottoman state, which would become a huge empire later.

Osman Bey was a very important statesman and soldier in Ottoman History because he founded the Ottoman state. Osman Bey sword is one of the best-selling Ottoman Swords on our site. Because, as we mentioned above, Turkish TV series have been very effective in this regard. One of these series is all about how Osman founded the Ottoman state.

Dirilis Ertugrul Sword

Osman Bey founded the Ottoman state  but Osman's father Ertugrul made most of the preparations for the establishment of this state. Ertugrul did many things that were necessary to establish a new state by having commercial, military and political policies in the region.  Therefore, even though he did not establish the Ottoman state, he is one of the most important figures in Ottoman history.

In recent years, a series about Ertugrul's life has been broadcast on Turkish television. This series has many viewers not only in Turkey but also in other countries. The drugs used in the series attracted the attention of the audience. People buy items in the series for themselves or as a gift. One of these items is the Dirilis Ertugrul Sword.

Fatih’s Sword

One of the most important people in Ottoman history is Fatih Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror Sword. Because he conquered Istanbul, one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in the world. It caused the closing of one era and the opening of another. Turks love Mehmet the Conqueror Sword very much. That's why they want to have an imitation of his stuff. His sword is among these items. Conqueror Mehmet's sword is bought both for collections or for gift  by people in Turkey and by people in other countries.

Yatagan Sword

Yatagan Sword is one of the most used sword types among Ottoman soldiers. These swords are still being produced in the Yatağan town of Denizli today. This region was the center of sword production for the Ottoman army. There were very skilled swordsmen in this region. The best quality swords in the world were produced in this region. Today, many sword manufacturers produce swords in this region. We are one of the sword manufacturers in Yatagan. All the Yatagan Swords we produce are produced with completely traditional methods. Because we learned this profession from our ancestors and we produce it with the techniques we learned.

Shamsir Sword

Shamsir sword is one of the Ottoman swords. Shamsir Sword has a different feature from other swords. These swords are thinner and lighter than other swords. Also, the Shamsir sword is curved. It is necessary to be a very good warrior to use the very sharp and thin Shamsir sword.

Our Shamsir swords are produced with traditional methods, just like our other sword models. Our skilled craftsmen produce Shamsir swords by applying heat treatment to the steel with traditional methods. If you want to buy a beautiful Ottoman sword for your collection or for your friends, we recommend you to thoroughly examine the products in this category.

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