The Intricate Process of Modern Sword Design

We invite you to explore the fascinating world modern sword design. This journey will capture [...]

The Fascinating Types of Swords Throughout History

People from all cultures and ages have been fascinated by swords. These bladed weapons, from [...]


The History of the Ottoman Sword

The Ottoman Sword: A Glimpse into History The Ottoman Empire, which spanned over six centuries, [...]


What is Special About Katana Sword

The Timeless Art of Katana Swords: A Comprehensive Guide The Katana sword, a symbol of [...]

How to Maintain a Handmade Sword?

It’s not just about maintaining a sword, but also about honoring art and history. Knowing how [...]

How Master Craftsmen Create Iconic Swords

Swordsmithing has been a part of history and culture for millennia. Swords are symbols of power, craftsmanship, and [...]


Shamshir Sword

What is Shamshir Sword? A shamshir is a type of Persian/Iranian sword with a radical [...]

Where is the Zulfiqar Sword?

Zulfiqar Sword One of the four great caliphs, Imam Ali’s sword is Zulfiqar. It has [...]


Osman Sword

Osman Sword Any sword can become a symbol of success in history, thanks to the [...]

Yatagan Sword – Turkish Kilij

Yatagan Sword Steel and iron, which are the most used materials throughout human history, have [...]

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