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Yatagan Swords

Have you ever heard of Yatagan Swords? Do you know about the swords used in history? What do you think is the most popular sword model in the world? Do you realize how little you know about swords when you read these questions? Don't worry, we don't try to give detailed answers to these questions. Our aim in this article is to give you information about the Yatagan Sword.

The first thing to know about the Yataghan Sword is that it takes its name from Yatagan, a town in Denizli, Turkey. The town of Yatagan contributed a lot to the army in the production of swords both before and during the Ottoman period. The Ottoman state gave all duties to skilled and honest people. There is a certain discipline and continuity in vocational education, just like school education.

The Yatagan region was one of the important places in the production of swords for warriors both in the pre-Ottoman period and during the Ottoman period. The swords used by the Turkish armies also managed to attract the enemies of the Turks. The Yatağan Swords, which were taken as war booty, were either repaired by the enemies of the Turks by the sword masters in their own country, or they wanted them to make it from the same sword.

One of the most used swords among Turkish swords is Yatagan Swords. These swords are more effective than many swords of their time, both in use and in lethality. Turks have always managed to establish states, fighting throughout history  constantly.

The constant struggle of the Turks in wars caused them to develop their skills in both fighting techniques and war tools. Yataghan Swords also developed over time and were used by people very much. It is one of the most popular weapons of war. Especially after Turkish TV channels' TV series on Turkish history, people's interest in Yatagan swords has increased in recent years.

Yataghan Swords

The biggest reason why the Yataghan sword is durable is that the sword is made entirely of stainless steel. Steel is one of the strongest metals. The steel obtained by alloying the steel with chromium and nickel is stainless and durable. The fact that the steel is stainless is a factor that helps it to be durable. Because corrosion occurs as a result of the interaction of metal with oxygen. The main cause of rusting is corrosion. Effective use of a rusted steel is not possible. Also, the life of a rusty steel is not very long. Therefore, using steel alloyed with chrome and nickel to manufacture our swords is the most important feature of our production policy.

The swords we produce are decorative and gift products. Therefore, it is very important that these products are long-lasting, whether you buy them for yourself or for your friends or relatives. A second reason our swords are durable is that they are completely handmade. As in the production of many products, handmade products are more durable than fabricated products in the production of swords. Because every production stage of the product is in human hands, the master can always control the product. Thus, a manufacturing defect in the product is prevented. In case of any manufacturing defect, it is easier and more effective to correct the product immediately.

We produce our Yataghan Swords with traditional methods learned and discovered centuries ago. Just like our other swords. Although the swords we produce today are decorative or souvenirs, the swords produced with the same methods have been used by the warriors in wars to achieve many victories. We put all the swords we produce in their boxes to be shipped after some durability tests.

The designs of Yataghan Swords also play a big role in their durability. There are many calculations in sword making, such as center of load, curvature, load bearing and blade length. The effective adaptation of these calculations to the design of the Yataghan sword increases the durability of the sword.

Yatagan Sword Prices

The most important criterion affecting the prices of Yatagan Swords is the current market price of steel. As in every product, the cost of the product is usually determined according to the raw material in sword making. Any product also has costs such as labor, transportation, storage and packaging. However, the most important criterion in determining the price of many products is raw material prices. The swords we produce are not products made of poor quality metals. All swords on our site are made of stainless steel. The Yatagan sword is also made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a type of steel that is alloyed with at least 11% chromium.

If you research on the internet about Yatagan Sword Prices, you can see very different prices from each other. The main reason why Yatagan sword prices are very different from each other is the quality of the raw material. If the price of a low-quality steel is low, the price of a sword or other product made from it is also low. As Swordbuy.com, we always use the best quality stainless steel in the production of our swords and try to offer our customers the most affordable price. You can order Yatagan swords on our site or via our Whatsapp customes service on our site.

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