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Zulfiqar Sword

History is full of many events, people and things about which not much is known. There are many legendary rumors about them. Humanity does not know exactly which of these rumors are true and which are false. One of them is the Zulfiqar Sword.

The Zulfiqar sword is one of the most well-known items in Islamic history. Not only Muslims in the Middle East, but people all over the world know about Zulfiqar. At least they know who that sword belongs to.

The Zulfiqar sword is the sword of Imam Ali, the last of the four great caliphs. The biggest reason why Imam Ali's sword is very popular around the world is undoubtedly its interesting design. While the vast majority of swords produced throughout history have only one blade, the Zulfiqar blade consists of two parts. To explain the shape of the Zulfiqar sword in a simpler way, we can say that it looks like a double-edged fork.

What is the size of Zulfiqar sword?

We mentioned at the beginning of our article that there are many rumors about the Zulfiqar sword. One of these rumors is that the length of the Zulfiqar Sword is 3 meters and 105 kg. There is not much evidence as to whether these rumors are true or not.

What is the weight of sword Imam Ali Zulfiqar Sword ?

Zulfiqar sword is 3 meters and 105 kg. There is not much evidence as to whether these rumors are true or not.

Another narration about the Imam Ali Zulfiqar sword is that this sword was given to Imam Ali by the Prophet Muhammad. According to this rumor, the Prophet Muhammad took this sword as a trophy after a war. Prophet Muhammad gave this sword to Imam Ali during the Battle of Uhud. Because Ali's sword in the war was broken. In this war, Imam Ali was trying to protect the Prophet Muhammad.

Zulfikar Sword

Although the accuracy of the rumors about the Zulfikar Sword is not known, the most important thing that is known is the design of this sword. Today, the zulfikar sword is especially used as a design on necklaces and rings. These designed jewelry are generally preferred by Alevis. Alevism is the name given to a community among Muslims. People who belong to the Alevism group are called Alevis. People wear jewelry with the Zulfikar symbol to show others that they are Alevis.

In addition to jewelry, many Alevis keep a decorative Zulfikar sword at home or at work. People love to display decorative Zulfiqar swords in their homes or workplaces. The Zulfikar sword for sale on our site is 3 meters long and 105 kg, as in the rumors. does not weigh. The Zulfikar sword for sale we produce is 90 cm long and weighs approximately 1.5 kg. We also produce miniature Zulfikar swords.

We manufacture the Zulfikar sword entirely from stainless steel. By heat treating the steel, we make this material more flexible but stronger. Thus, the sword is not easily broken and stretched against impacts. We produce swords not only in the production of Zulfikar swords for sale, but also in all our other sword models using traditional methods.

How to Buy Imam Ali Sword ?

If you find our site and read this article as a result of your searches to buy Imam Ali's sword, you are already at the right place to buy Imam Ali. The Imam Ali Swords for sale on our site are our own production. We also use traditional methods to produce Imam Ali, just like our other Turkish and Ottoman sword models.

To buy a Imam Ali sword, you can choose any of our models in this category and add it to your cart. After adding a cart, you can enter your shipping information and pay securely with your credit card.

Zulfiqar Sword For Sale

There are many factors that affect Zulfiqar Sword Prices. They are current steel prices, labor costs, shipping charges and size variations of zulfiqar sword. Since these prices can change over time, we sometimes have to change the prices of Zulfiqar swords.

The handle is mounted on steel, giving the sword extra durability. In this way, the breaking point has been strengthened. The sword is 90 cm in size. Its weight is 1360 grams.We send the Zulfiqar sword in a special velvet box. We send it with the stand that you will use to display it in the box. You can have zulfiqar sword for sale by ordering from our web address. Buy online and please follow us on swordbuy instagram page and get latest updates.
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