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Ottoman Swords

Selim Sword

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Ertugrul Swords

Dirilis Ertugrul Sword

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Ertugrul Swords

Osman Sword

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Ottoman Swords

Ottoman Sword Set

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Turkish Sword

As it is well known, the Turks are one of the bravest and most talented warrior nations in the history of the world. Turks have never lived under the rule of another state throughout history. They succeeded in establishing a state, even a small one, in every period of history. These successes of the Turks in history are due to their war skills and fighting techniques. Another reason why Turks have been successful warriors in history is the weapons they use in wars. Turks have always managed to be popular with their war tools as well as their warrior characters.  One of these tools is Turkish Sword.

After the Turks accepted Islam, fighting has a sacred meaning for them. Turks adopted the understanding of jihad along with Islam. In this context, how they fight for and what they actually fought for had sacred meanings. Therefore, their weapons of war, especially their swords, have a spiritual meaning.

Turkish swords were among the most durable sword models throughout history. Turkish soldiers using Turkish swords could achieve victory in a short time. Turkish Swords are produced today with the same traditional methods in history. Ertugrul Gazi, who wanted to establish a state in Bursa and Bilecik regions bef, passed away before realizing this goal before the establishment of the Ottoman state.

Turkish Swords

What are the Turkish swords on our site? There are more than 20 Turkish swords on our site currently. These swords are produced by our skilled swordsmen using traditional methods. Let's get to know the Turkish swords sold on our site briefly. Among Turkish Swords, the most sought-after and sold sword model in recent years is the Diriliş Ertugrul sword. The reason why the Dirilis Ertugrul sword is so popular is that there is a series on a Turkish television channel about the life of Ertugrul Gazi and before the establishment of the Ottoman state.

Ertugrul sword is different from other Turkish swords. Many Turkish swords are curved, not straight. However, the Ertugrul Gazi sword is straighter than other swords. The Ertugrul sword looks more imposing.

Why should you buy Turkish swords from Swordbuy.com

There are many reasons to buy not only Turkish Swords but also other Islamic swords and Katana swords on Swordbuy.com. The most important of these is undoubtedly Swordbuy.com's quality policy. We use stainless steel in all the swords we produce. We make the steel more flexible and durable by applying heat treatment to steel.

Another reason why our customers prefer us is that we deliver all of our products with free shipping. Thus, you will not face surprise prices for the shipping of your orders. Even if the fees of shipping companies vary from country to country, our customers are not affected by these price differences. All responsibilities for shipping prices are ours.

The most important feature that distinguishes us from our rivals is that our products are customizable. We can write names, emblems, logos and verses on your orders with state-of-the-art laser engraving machines. So you can give a special gift to your friends or relatives.

We produce swords professionally, not freelance. The methods and techniques we use in sword production are traditional. All of our products are handmade. They are not fabricated and imitated products.

How to buy a sword on swordbuy.com

There are many methods for ordering on Swordbuy.com. If you want to order Turkish Swords or other swords, you can add the model you like to your cart. Then, write your address and you can make your payment safely. In addition, when ordering, you can write the name, word, emblem or verse you want engraved on the sword in the note section on the page.

If you want to order Turkish swords or other swords, you can add the sword you like to your cart. Next, type your address and make your payment safely. In addition, you can type the name, word, emblem or verse you want engraved on the sword in the note section on the page.

In addition to our site, you can also contact us via the WhatsApp line on our site and place your order. After you give the details about your order and your address. You can make the payment to our bank accounts, we start to make the sword and ship it within 10 days.

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