Long Swords

Thranduil Sword

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Long Swords

Anduril Sword

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Long Swords

Viking Sword

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Long Swords

Long Sword

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Long Swords

Long sword is a type of steel sword characterized by a cruciform hilt with a grip for two-handed use. The long sword was developed during the High Middle Ages, evolving out of the shorter, more curved swords of the Dark Ages. Long swords could be used both to slash and thrust, while short swords were sometimes used as throwing weapons. Long swords can be linked to the broadsword via the arming sword.

What is the long sword?

The long sword was often considered an elite weapon, but there are many surviving examples of simple mass-produced blades without complex hilts that were clearly intended for use in battle by less affluent warriors. Long swords could be used in one hand or two hands. These swords were mainly used by the infantry and they were very effective in hand-to-hand combat. Long swords have been around since early medieval period, but they have been developed over time to become more effective in combat. Long words usually had a curved blade, which made it easier to cut through an opponent's armor and also allowed them to be used for thrusting attacks as well as slashing attacks. These swords also had a long handle, which was made of wood or metal. The long handle gave soldiers more control over their sword, allowing them to use it effectively against armored opponents.

What is the size of the Long Sword?

The long sword size is usually distinguished from other types of swords by its length (typically above 80 cm or 30 inches) or its larger size (often over 90 cm). Long swords were traditionally made from wrought iron or steel until the high Middle Ages when pattern welding became more common; this gave them an advantage over maces and axes as they could be sharpened on one side only and were less likely to break apart under stress than their predecessors had been.
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