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osman sword

Osman Sword

Any sword can become a symbol of success in history, thanks to the expertise and talent of its user. Looking at Turkish history, it is quite easy to see such examples. One of these examples is undoubtedly the sword of Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman state.We can say that the foundation story of the Ottoman State, which has been the subject of the series in recent years, is a heroic story. This story the story of Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman state.”Kurulus  Osman”, one of the most successful Turkish series of recent years, has been highly appreciated by many television viewers who are interested in history.These appriciations are so great that the series received a broadcast offer from other countries. Thus the “Establishment Osman” in on TV channels from different countries.


The Ottoman empire was one of the biggest states in history. The Ottoman state was an empire that lived for 623 years, conquered Istanbul, opened an age and closed an age. Such a big and powerful empire is one of the most appreciated states, as it has had a great impact on human history. The founder of this state is undoubtedly the one who deserves to be remembered the most.The name of the Ottoman state comes from Osman, the name of its founder.


Osman Bey was born in 1258 in Söğüt. His father, Ertuğrul Gazi, chaired a large crowd of Oghuz Turks. Osman Gazi was his youngest son.In 1281, when he was 23 years old, he married Malhun Hatun who was the daughter of Sheikh Edebali, one of the Ahis. Orhan Gazi, who would later become the head of the Ottoman State thanks to this marriage. Osman Gazi’s father Ertugrul died in the same year.  The Anatolian Seljuk State, which ruled in Anatolia, was in the process of collapse in 1299. In these years, Osman Bey conquered Bilecik, Yarhisar and Inegol with his close friends.The Ottoman Principality was officially founded  in 1299.In 1302, Byzantine Empire forces set out to stop Osman Bey. Osman Bey became the winner of the Battle of Koyunhisar, which was considered the first war with the Byzantine Empire.Some historians regard the official establishment of the Ottoman state as this victory.In 1326 Osman Bey besieged Bursa. However, Orhan Bey continued to siegebecause of Osman’s illness. In the same year, Bursa was conquered and was the new capital city of Ottoman state. Osman Gazi died in Bursa on August 1, 1326.


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