Kilij Sword

kilij sword

Kilij Sword

If you are reading this article on right now, you may be planning to buy a kilij sword for your collection or as a gift for a friend. While shopping online, you can first research the price, as many people do.

In this blog, which we have created both for our customers and for sword enthusiasts, we provide different and special information about Turkish kilij swords. The subject of this article is Turkish Kilij prices. In this article, we will talk write about what are the factors that affect Turkish sword prices in general and how to buy swords online securely.

It should not be forgotten that the first factor affecting the prices of products manufactured from a certain raw material is undoubtedly the cost of that raw material.This means that a product of which raw material is cheap will also have low-price. The most important factor determining the prices of Turkish kilij swords and other swords on our site is the price and quality of the steel  thatwe use.So, which raw material do we use while producing our products? The steels we use in almost all of our products are Stainless Steel with 4034 Quality. Stainless Steel with 4034 Quality, the highest quality steel used in the decoration and gift industry, has great flexibility and durability. As an advantage of our region, we can buy such steel at much lower prices than the European market. Because Turkey has many advantages in terms of steel processing, production and logistics.


If you have already researched to buy swords on the internet, you may have seen sites that sell swords at a cheaper price than us. In such a case, there are important steps you need to take. The first is to find out where the company is located.  Even if you buy on our website or not, do not forget that Turkey is one of the cheapest countries for steel producing and processing.  Therefore, when buying Turkish swords or Islamic swords, be sure to choose Turkish-made ones. Secondly, find out about the steel quality of the sword you will buy. Since it consists of many steel alloys in the market, it may rust after a certain period of time. First of all, choose swords which are made of stainless steel. Because prices of swords made of alloy steel are much cheaper that genuine stainless steel.

Kilij Sword Prices

Another factor that affects Turkish sword  Kilij prices is the workmanship of the sword. The price of handcraft  is entirely subjective. However, the two most important factors determining the price of the art are fabrication or handmade.Since handmade products require great skill and skill, their prices are always more expensive than fabricated products. The price of craftsmanship in handmade products is determined entirely subjectively.The Turkish swords you see on our site are completely handcrafted.  Today, we ship handmade Turkish swords kilijs that we produce all over the world using the techniques we learned from our ancestors.  You can buy our products from our site safely. All of our products are shipped with free shipping with a gift box.


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