Yatagan Sword – Turkish Kilij

yatagan sword

Yatagan Sword

Steel and iron, which are the most used materials throughout human history, have sometimes witnessed and sometimes caused the realization of many historical events. Because iron and steel are used as tools and equipment after some processes. these raw materials have a durable and shapeable structure, so humanbeings have benefited from them throughout history. Swords are undoubtedly one of the most important tools used in history using steel and iron. Especially before firearms, swords, which were used as the greatest war tools, witnessed important events that shaped history.

Yataghan is a town in Denizli today. This town meets the sword needs of the army during the Ottoman period. This region was so famous for the swords produced that Ottoman swords were also known as yataghan swords.

Yataghan swords produced in the workshops of many masters were the greatest helpers of the Ottoman state in conquests. Thanks to these swords, the soldiers could easily defeat their enemies. Enemy armies began to imitate Ottoman swords after finding the difference of Ottoman swords out. Although they copied Ottoman swords, we cannot say that they were as successful as the Ottoman soldiers. Because the most important feature of Ottoman swords is that they are curved. Their use was more difficult than straight swords because of their shape. It means that using a curved yataghan sword would require serious training and great skill. This was a feature that the enemies of the Ottoman state did not possess. This training was not difficult for the Turks who were born as warrior soldiers.

Yataghan swords, which have witnessed many victories and conquests in the past, are still produced in the town of Yataghan in Denizli today. In these productions, the techniques and methods used in the Ottoman period are used. The yataghan swords for sale on our site are also produced according to these traditional methods. Although the yataghan swords for sale have the same shape as the originals, there is a standard in size. All of the sword models for sale on our site are produced in 90 cm size. The reason we do this is because Ottoman swords for sale are sold as decorations and gifts, not for war.



The blade structure of  Turkish kilij sword’s called Yelman or Yalman (false edge) that adds to the cutting power of the sword and in particular to its thrusting capabilities. It goes without saying that a kilij was typically made from wootz steel or stainless steel. The most impressive statement about kilij is this: “I think this is the first sword that can rival the Katana”

The Kilij was a curved Turkish sword. IT was the close-range weapon. The Turkish Kilij have a deeply curved, single edged blade with a flaring tip called a yelman. It has a cruciform guard, with a curving hilt that ends with a downturned pommel.

The Kilij was primarily a slashing weapon as its great curvaure made it difficult to thrust the weapon. The yelman added weight to the tip, giving it greater momentum when swing. Used by the Ottoman Turks. The tip is very sharp for stabbing, though because of its design it has to stab diagonally. This creates a fighting style that can go around shields and can be harder to block from swinging stabs. It was tested against many swords. It proved capale of slicing a pig in half with one swing.  The Turkish Kilij gives great amount of damage.

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